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Why should I use it?

Integroar is useful because it helps you to increase your productivity by simplifying processes that normally take a long time and by simplifying tedious tasks.

We make sure that all processes are completely secure. Only you can view your files unless your share them. Passwords are double-encrypted. To us, your security is top-priority.

Integroar is a tool that is absolutely free. No charge or installation is required. We give you our service free so that you can get your jobs done without having to pay a ton of money.

You can fully customize Integroar. If you don't like a setting, you can change it.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don't fail to Contact Us! We will address your question or problem with as much thought as possible and respond ASAP.

How much does it cost?

Integroar costs nothing!

  Integroar is absolutely free. It does not require a download or for you to pay to use it. Certain programs may require payments, but most will not. Integroar itself will not cost you a cent.

We strive to make sure that you have the best performance possible without having to pay for premium features.

Our goal is to help people, not for personal gain. You can rely on us to always be there for you, no matter what is happening.

All you have to do is Sign Up for an account, and you are in! No payments or extra information are needed.

Where can I use it?

Integroar can be used anywhere by anybody. Everything is backed up on the internet and does not require you to store anything on your computer.

Part of our goal in making Integroar is to make sure that everyone can use free tools from anywhere. Just signing in on a computer gives you all of your files automatically. No downloads are required.

As part of being used anywhere, Integroar needs to be able to run on any operating system. We provide this through the marvelous internet. Any device that has a browser can use Integroar. There is no required version of software. All you need to do is visit the site.

We value this and are continually improving and upgrading Integroar. If we have created an update for Integroar, we will do one of two things:

  1. If the update is merely fixing bugs or making small changes, we will install it for you in the background so as not to use up any of your time.
  2. If the update is a huge update that affects all or most processes, we will ask you before installing it.

If you have any concerns about this process, please Contact Us!

Who are we and what is our goal?

Integroar is made and managed by DUTI, an organization that tries to make life easier for everyone.

At DUTI, we care very much about you having an enjoyable experience at all DUTI sites. We will always provide a way for you to contact us if there is a bug or with a request. We don't care whether you send us requests or compliments. We will be there for you.

DUTI has a partnership with CoolCoder, a company that helps teach programming to everyone. They help quality test and recommend improvements on our sites.

Thank you so much for trying out Integroar! For more DUTI projects, please visit DUTI's webpage.